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The CyberCoders Salary Guide will help you compare salaries by job title in different cities across the nation. Market conditions such as location and demand affect salaries. To help you and your team make the most informed hiring decisions, we've compiled data from thousands of salary surveys to bring you the most up to date salary information.

  • Did you know? Almost half of all professionals don’t negotiate their salaries.
  • Those who do negotiate are proven to make significantly more throughout their careers.

60 %

of new job seekers do not negotiate their salaries*

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How much more exactly? A job-seeker who receives an initial offer of $50,000 but negotiates to $55,000 will earn $634,000 more over the course of their career.**

Our goal is to provide a resource that enables you to make well informed career decisions. Whether you’re looking to move or are interested in knowing how your salary compares, we hope you find our salary guide helpful.

*Source: Payscale
**Source: FastCompany